Three beautiful rooms and a gite each with private bathroom and view on the rolling countryside of the Gers.

  • Tastefully decorated
  • Character
  • Absolute silence and enjoy nature
  • Enjoy the pool
  • Breakfast
  • Table d'HĂ´te
  • Domain for jogging, walking, relaxation, enjoyment, plaisure, ...
  • Ideal base for exploring the region
  • All rooms have a '4 keys' rating from 'ClĂ©vacances' :

On the themes of the rooms

In 2013 we started an experiment around the themes of our rooms.
While we want you to fully enjoy your stay, we'd like to give you that 'home' feeling at Domaine Sainte Barthe . 'Home' is something that needs to be created. 'Home' needs some very personal, irreplaceable elements. 'Home' means that you put something of yourself in the room, and we have linked this idea to the themes of our rooms .

The Photographer's room

The atmosphere of a photo studio, the photo exhibitions, a bit of glamour ... all of this is invading your mind in this "luxury suite". It invites to take part in the Photographer's world.
That's why we ask you, without obligation, to leave a photo behind. A product of your personal inspiration and creativity. The quest for that final snapshot will motivate you to actively look around you and take that picture that gives all that expression that you personally adore. A guarantee for a memorable stay at Domaine Sainte Barthe ! Your  picture will stay in the Photographer's room, so that over time the room will be a 'home' to a most unique collection of photo's, made by its occupants. (we can print your digital photograph for this purpose)

The Poet's room

You will undoubtedly turn over the leaves of the books of the French poets, storytellers , novelists of the room's library. There are also more playful works available.

You guessed it : the 'The book of the guest's poems' is laying on the desk in the room. You are kindly invited to leave behind some personal poem, rhyme, saying, wisdom , or even a loose sentiment. No doubt you will also enjoy the work of the guests before you. Your little literary creation will be retained within the Poet's room, so that over time the room will be veiled with guest prose .

The Painter's room

In the Painter's room you are immersed in the atmosphere of the painting workshop. There's a blank canvas to remind you to the invitation to create something personal. It will encourage you to observe the surroundings , nature, villages ... with the eyes of a painter.

You can eternalize your personal impressions on a mini canvas (*). Your painting will stay in the "gallery" of the Painter's room. You will surely also enjoy the masterpieces of the previous guests. In this way the room will be continuously enriched and personalised with all the guest's very individual decoration !

(*) All supplies are available on site. The painting itself is done on the terrace , somewhere in the domain, or at the table in the orangery . This is to prevent that the carpet in the room is painted along ...


  • Arrival: You can check-in the room / gĂ®te between 16:00 and 18:00 (please let us know if it comes out differently for you)
  • Departure: You free the room / gĂ®te by 10.30
  • Need a Baby cot ? Give us a call in advance.
  • The rooms and gĂ®te are non-smoking
  • WIFI access in every room / gĂ®te
  • Tourist tax to be paid on the spot
  • We can not accept credit cards
  • Do you wish to bring a pet, please give us a call to discuss the possibilities (5€/night)
  • A 30% deposit is required when booking - the balance will be paid one month before arrival
  • A deposit of 50€ will be asked for the telecontrol of the entry gate. (to be arranged on site - will be returned at the end of the stay, when the telecontrol is returned)
  • For special or custom arrangements, please contact us for an quotation.