Domaine Sainte Barthe

A property that started in 1836 as a Gascony farmhouse becomes a beautiful guesthouse in 2013.

A Gascony farmhouse anno 1836

The Domaine Sainte Barthe is positioned on a sloping hillside, overlooking rolling hills, up to the mountains of the Purenees.




A domain of 32 hectares (near to 80 acres)

On the estate there are lots of places to unwind, or for a picnic, a game of petanque, a game of badminton, and even a hefty walk or a jog. Even a ping pong table is not lacking.

Or do you want a lazy afternoon? A book, on the edge of the large swimming pool (6x12), or a refreshing swim, maybe?

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Biodiverse nature

the vineyards, orchids, forest, country wildlife